(KTXL) — A series of storms have caused flooding and property damage throughout California and there are multiple ways to help victims of the storms. 

Following the federal government’s emergency declaration for the state, GoFundMe created a list of verified fundraisers for people affected by the storms. 

The fundraisers across the state range from memorial funds to recovery for properties that were hit by floods and fallen trees. The fundraisers were verified by trust and safety experts, according to GoFundMe.  

The Red Cross is also taking donations to support its teams throughout the state.

“The GoFundMe community is coming together to help people who are raising money to rebuild, offset medical expenses, and cover memorial costs,” the GoFundMe website reads. “Donate to verified California storms and flooding fundraisers today to help people rebuild and recover. Our trust and safety team will continue to update this page with more fundraisers as they are verified.” 

Click here to donate.

California has been hit with storms involving heavy rain and winds since late December.

On Jan. 11, the Sacramento Department of Transportation said 600 trees blown over by the storms have been removed from county roads since New Year’s Day. 

The Internal Revenue Service said Californians who were affected by the storm and live in counties included in the federal Emergency Declaration will be receiving tax relief.