(KTXL) — It’s been exactly three weeks since the first rainfall fell from a series of severe storms that have hit California, causing more than an estimated $1 billion in damage across the state, flooding roadways and communities, and causing the deaths of at least 20 people, according to the Associated Press. 

Throughout the three weeks of the storms, data from the National Weather Service shows that most cities in the state have received much higher than average rainfall.

How much has it rained in Sacramento?

Since the start of the atmospheric rivers on Dec. 26, the Sacramento area has received 8.49 inches, with most of that rainfall occurring on New Year’s Eve, when 2.12 inches of rain fell, leading to flooding on Highway 99 and the evacuation of thousands of people near Wilton.

In just a six-day span, from Dec. 26 to Dec. 31, the Sacramento area received almost half of the total — 4.15 inches of rain — according to data from the NWS.

From Jan. 1 to Jan. 15, Sacramento received 4.34 inches of rainfall, vastly surpassing the dry January in 2022, when the capital city only received 0.05 of an inch of rain. 

How much has it rained in San Francisco?

San Francisco has endured heavy rain during the storms, with NWS showing the city receiving a total of 17 inches of rain from Dec. 26 to Jan. 15.

According to NWS, downtown San Francisco received 8.85 inches of rain from Dec. 26 to Dec. 31, with the heaviest rainfall occurring on New Year’s Eve at 5.46 inches. 

From Jan. 1 to Jan. 15, downtown San Francisco received 8.15 inches of rain, with its highest total coming at 1.22 inches on Jan. 10. 

How much rain has fallen in Los Angeles?

As for Los Angeles, NWS data shows the city received 9.37 inches of rain from Dec. 26 to Jan. 15, with its higher totals coming in January.

From Dec. 26 to Dec. 31, downtown Los Angeles received 1.58 inches of rain, with the highest coming on New Year’s Eve at 1.11 inches. 

January’s data shows the downtown Los Angeles area received 7.79 inches of rain in the month’s first 15 days.

Los Angeles had four days when the city received over an inch of rain each day, occurring on Jan. 5 (1.37 inches), Jan. 9 (2.04), Jan. 10 (1.31), and Jan. 14 (1.82). 

Forecasters expect that the moderate rainfall in different parts of the state over the next three days is the end of the back-to-back storms that started almost one month ago.