In a Victory for Gun Advocates, Court Tosses Part of Concealed Firearms Law

California Connection
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In the past, in order to carry a concealed weapon, you’d have to give law enforcement a reason why and proof.

For example, if you said someone was stalking you, you’d need documentation to prove it.

Now, an opinion from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says that portion of the law is no more, it was called “good cause.”

In a  2-1  ruling, the district’s judges said gun owners can carry without proving why.

“Now it’s based on a set of standards by the municipalities, as long as you meet those standards you will have the right to carry a weapon,” said Craig Deluz with the CAL-FFL.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff released this statement:

Today, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to eliminate the ‘good cause’ requirement from California’s concealed weapons statutes. Applicants must still meet the other requirements including ‘good moral character.’ Due to the potential for further appeal, the current status of this ruling is unclear. However, it is Sheriff Steve Moore’s position that he will follow any changes in the law.

The new ruling can still be legally challenged. California’s 58 counties will still divvy out permits, but some areas are stricter than others.

Gage Young works at The Gun Range in North Highlands, he’s been waiting on his permit for two months.

“It’s not saying you put a weapon on your hip and you plan to use it, it’s just there, just in case,” Young said.

California Assemblyman Roger Dickinson released a statement saying the court has the wrong idea.

“I hope this ruling is overturned. Nothing prevents someone with a legitimate need from lawfully obtaining a concealed weapons permit,” Dickinson wrote. “Gun control laws like this one were designed to keep our communities safer and to limit the number of firearms on California streets.”

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