SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Turnout in California for the primary election has been low, even with this being the first election in which voters automatically receive a ballot at their home, with around 3 million votes having been cast so far.

“We’re looking at 18% of the vote has already come in,” Paul Mitchell said. “This is voters who have had ballots of upwards to a month, and not only have 22 million ballots been mailed out but also it doesn’t require postage.”

Mitchell, a redistricting and political data expert, said turnout may end up being around 28% despite voting having been made more accessible.

“That’s low even for a gubernatorial primary,” Mitchell told FOX40.

Mitchell talked to Nikki Laurenzo about what could be causing the low voter turnout, and what the difference is in places that had some higher turnout.