Investigators Piece Together What Led to Thousand Oaks Bar Shooting

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THOUSAND OAKS -- Investigators are piecing together a national tragedy - 12 lives lost as a gunman fired into a festive country crowd inside the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks.

"The feeling of running away when you're not sure if you're gonna die or not is a scary feeling," shooting survivor Brianna Shelley said.

For Shelley, the scene now being calmly combed through by the FBI and other officers feels as chaotic and confusing as when she ran from it.

Investigators - also grieving for one of their own who was killed - are looking for that scene to tell a story beyond the immediate horror.

"What we're doing is we're going through methodically and making sure that we capture every bit of evidence, every piece of information that'll help us fill in the blanks," Ventura County Sheriff's Captain Garo Kuredjian said.

Part of that evidence is online. All social media accounts tied to the gunman identified as Marine combat veteran Ian David Long are being scrutinized.

One post already tagged as being sent near the time of the massacre mocks the event with laughing emojis.

"I hope people call me insane (...) wouldn't that be a big ball of irony? Yeah I'm insane but the only thing you people do after these shootings is 'hopes and prayers,'" the post read.

The Associated Press is reporting that Long may have come to Borderline because he believed an ex-girlfriend was inside.

Looking at the text of his post, investigators are left with one conclusion.

"It leaves you with the rantings of someone who's crazy. There's no rational person who would want to put this kind of grief onto another human being," said Keradjian.

Taylor Young's car and purse are still locked away inside a shooting scene under tight police control. With her are her memories of trying to save her life and the life of her friends after the first shot.

"And I said, 'OK, we're gonna run now, we're gonna make it. We're gonna run now and something's gonna happen or we're gonna wait and sit like sitting ducks,'" she said.

Everyone she loved didn't make it out.

Young, along with many who attended Thursday night's vigil at Thousand Oak's Kavali Theater, lost their friend, security guard Tel Orfanos who died inside the bar.

"We're all family," Young said.


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