(KTXL) — A lawsuit brought by Yolo and Santa Cruz counties against Jamba Juice ended with the company having to pay nearly $150,000.

The suit originated from a promotional program Jamba Juice ran from July 2020 to December 2020, according to the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office. 

It was accused of misleading or potentially misleading consumers about discounts. 

An advertisement reportedly informed consumers of a discount if they downloaded the company’s app and signed up. 

However, some advertisements allegedly failed to inform customers that a minimum purchase of $10 was needed to get the discount. The DA said customers who learned of the promotion from those advertisements would not have learned of the purchase requirement until after they handed over their personal information.

The decision the judge handed prohibits the company from offering discounts or reduced prices without making customers aware of all the requirements. Jamba Juice was ordered to pay $142,000, and it must also pay $6,750 in restitution to California’s Consumer Protection Trust Fund.

According to the DA, Jamba Juice was cooperative and “promptly changed its store advertising.”