(KTXL) — A celestial phenomenon led to multiple 911 calls to at least two law enforcement agencies in Northern California this week.

Callers dialed emergency services in Sonoma and Stanislaus counties to report ‘non-moving’ lights in the sky that turned out to just be two planets shining brightly, a planetary rendezvous visible in the western horizon.

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“Do not be alarmed as NASA said that Jupiter and Venus would appear in the western sky on March 1st,” the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office published on Facebook.

A lieutenant that spoke with The Modesto Bee said that the Facebook post likely helped lower the number of calls coming in about the bright planets.

Planets are some of the brightest objects in the night sky, and this week, Jupiter and Venus are in the same area of the sky in what is known as a conjunction, according to NASA.

On at least one night, the planets appeared close to the Moon during the early sunset.

Although it’s a beautiful sight for stargazers and will continue for several more days, the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office reminds the community that it is not an emergency.

“There is no reason to report this,” the agency said.