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(KTXL) — Phone providers across the U.S. have six days to tell the Federal Communications Commission what they are doing to reduce robocalls.

The FCC says the fraud that comes with these calls costs Americans about $10 billion annually, and another $3 billion is spent on the time answering the calls and trying to block them.

State lawmakers and advocates in California sounded the alarm Wednesday, saying phone companies and Voice over Internet providers to take the law seriously.

“Only 17% of companies, phone companies, have done what they should and can and have been mandated to do,” CALPIRG Education Fund advocate Sander Kushen said. “This call screening tech, some have partially implemented, but you’ve either done it or not and right now, the fair majority have not done all that they can.”

In the meantime, the FCC recommends signing up for multiple robocall filters and not saying your full name on your outgoing voicemail message in order to not give away more information about yourself than necessary.