California Man Comes Face-to-Face with 2 Bears

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One man in Monrovia came face to face with a couple of unwanted guests.

Two hungry bears broke into Justin Lee’s home through a doggie door and then ransacked the kitchen, eating everything in sight.

“I was just like hanging out inside with my dog. I look over and me and the bear just like lock eyes,” Lee recounted.

“Just the whole kitchen was a mess,” Lee said. “The garbage was on the floor, our food was eaten.”

Lee ran upstairs and called 911. The bears headed to his backyard.

He noticed they were chowing down on his dog’s food and the meal his mother left out on the table for him.

Monrovia police and animal control used bean bag shots to force the bears to flee. No one was hurt in the process.

For Lee, even living in an area prone to bear activity, there’s always something new to learn.

“We kind of have to reevaluate now like how safe we are in terms of having food out inside now,” he said.

A man locked himself in a bedroom and called 911 after 2 bears invaded his house and began ransacking the kitchen.

Justin Lee tells KTLA that he came downstairs to see why his dog was barking and came face to face with a large bear poking its head through the sliding door.

By the time police and animal control arrived, the bears were in the backyard.

Report filed by Doug Kolk

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