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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Nexstar) — California health officials say reopening the state will happen in four stages.

Each stage will allow some activities to resume, from the lowest to highest risk factor.

Governor Gavin Newsom and his administration laid out the plan on Tuesday, but they say how soon California moves through each phase will vary.

“We believe we do have a framework that we can achieve and we can achieve together,” Newsom said.

Under the current stay-at-home order, California is currently in phase one.

Health officials say the state will move into stage two in a matter of weeks, allowing employees in occupations at low risk of spreading the coronavirus with physical distancing to go back to work — like retail and manufacturers.

The state will also begin opening up public spaces like beaches and parks, along with school programs and child care facilities.

“Child care is economic development,” Newsom said. “Child care is foundational to getting people back to work.”

Stage three allows those in higher-risk jobs to go back to work, such as personal care salons and entertainment venues. In-person religious services and weddings can also resume.

Stage four marks the end of California’s stay-at-home order, allowing for concerts, live sporting events and conventions.

Although Newsom says the state is weeks away from going into the next phase, he will not say whether that means one week or three weeks from now. He says data will determine that

“Phase two is in weeks, not months,” Newsom said. “Phases three and four — months, not weeks.”