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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Gov. Gavin Newsom unveiled his full proposed state budget Friday.

Some of the proposal included health care for undocumented immigrant seniors and stimulus checks for nearly two thirds of Californians.

But the governor also is allocating money to fix crumbled roads and bridges.

Some of the transportation budget will go to fixing roads and bridges, but a small part will also go to encourage people to bike or walk.

Driving around California, there’s no question some infrastructure needs some work.

“The bridges need work definitely,” says Skip Yelonek, Sacramento resident.

For Yelonek, his route to work, highway 50, has already begun to get a face lift.

“I’m glad to see all of this without a doubt,” Yelonek said.

Governor Newsom is hoping to pump in more money to fix the state’s roads and bridges’

“The transportation budget is roughly $11 billion.”

In his 267.8 billion proposed budget, Governor Newsom is proposing allocating $2 billion for a fix.

The local roads and bridges. the proposal doesn’t mention which ones will be worked on, but mentions the funding will accelerate vital safety projects and important “fix-it-first” projects throughout the state.

“Acceleration of big projects, bonds, where we can move and drive the investment and get shovels in the ground and get our construction buildings, trades and unions representatives working,” Newsom said.

In the most recent bridge data from the U.S. Department of Transportation, it shows out of 736 total Bridges, 19 are in poor conditions.

While the San Joaquin County has 71 bridges in poor condition and Stanislaus County has 48.

Newsom’s proposed budget also asks to spend $500 million to advance projects that addresses safety, so more people can walk and bike.

Yelonek says he feels safe driving on the road, but any work to update things or make safer, he’s on board.

“It’s great news. it’s good news to hear good news,” Yelonek said.

The legislature and governor have until June 15 to agree on the state’s spending plan.