Newsom, western states ask for $1T in federal relief money

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Seventy percent of California’s economy is back open for business but with modifications, according to Governor Gavin Newsom.

Despite the step forward, Newsom has warned that states whose economies have been severely impacted by the novel coronavirus will not heal without federal help.

Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Colorado have joined California in sending a letter to Washington, D.C., seeking funds Newsom said are critical to some of the most basic functions a state supports.

“One trillion dollar range,” Newsom explained at Monday’s press briefing. “These budgetary shortfalls are so much bigger than any state, any city, any county. But they directly impact public safety, our firefighters, our police officers, our first responders. They directly impact public education and our teachers. They directly impact public health and our ability for counties to support their public health systems.”

In his effort to resurrect all of what California was able to do just 90 days ago, the governor again stressed the need to be led by health data.

It’s a stance that did not provide a great basis for answers about the Tesla plant, which was reopened Monday by Elon Musk against the recommendations of Alameda County’s public health leaders. The county’s officials have chosen to be more restrictive in their COVID-19 response than the state has.

“I can’t attest to the fact that he’s reopened today. I’m not aware of the details of that,” Newsom said. “We can work through, at the country level, the issues with this particular county and this company in the next couple of days.”

And much smaller operations have already gone against the state. The Yuba Sutter Mall opened up for in-person shopping Wednesday.

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