‘Over and over and over’: Survivors of 2017 Las Vegas shooting speak out


(KTXL) — The survivors of a mass shooting say the recent one in San Jose hits close to home. 

Rosanna Castro-Rodriguez grew up five minutes away from the Valley Transportation Authority rail yard and her middle child attends school a block away. 

“It ruined my day. It affected me, and I don’t have a family member there,” Esteban Rodriguez said. ”It just brings back a lot of the memories, a lot of pain and a lot of the hurt.”

Esteban and Rosanna Rodriguez survived the Las Vegas Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting in 2017. They say it never gets easy. 

“They say take it one day at a time. But there are so many mass shootings happening, it’s like we don’t get that chance to try to handle it,” Rosanna Castro-Rodriguez said. 

Both say they wish time would heal their emotional wounds, but when they hear about other mass shootings it takes them back to 2017. 

“You are at a restaurant … They can drop the tray of plates and cups and stuff, the person bussing the table could drop that tray, and it could sound like a gunshot and your heart is going to stop,” Esteban Rodriguez said. 

Lisa Fine-Cavalli of Roseville also survived the Las Vegas massacre, and she agrees other mass shootings are a trigger for PTSD. 

“They are happening so frequently. We are being brought back to the day it happened instantly, over and over and over. It’s traumatizing,” Fine-Cavalli said. 

The three survivors say they do not know the solution for fixing this problem. They believe in gun rights, but they also believe common ground can be reached. 

Doing nothing is not an option, however, they say. 

“I wish we knew the solutions,” Fine-Cavalli said. “The mass gun violence is so frequent, that a lot of these people that aren’t doing anything will actually experience it for themselves, or their friends, or their loved ones. And then I think they are going to look at it far differently.” 

They hope more people do not go through what they are going through. But they did stress people should reach out to victims and their families to show them love and support. 

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