Parents of Isla Vista Rampage Victims Visit Sacramento for Gun Control Bill

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Families of the Isla Vista shooting spree victims are trying to prevent future mass shootings by supporting a gun control bill.

Parents joined lawmakers and gun control advocates Wednesday outside the Capitol to speak out before the senate’s vote.

Richard Martinez lost his son, Chris, three months ago in Isla Vista when a gunman went on a rampage near the UC Santa Barbara campus.

"You don't know how it feels until it happens to you," Martinez said.

Veronika Weiss was shot and killed that day. Her father, Bob Weiss, was among the group Wednesday at the Capitol.

"Now I'll never get to watch her graduate dance with her at her wedding," he said.

The bill, AB 1014 is in response to the Isla Vista shootings.

It would temporarily take guns out of the hands of a person at risk of putting themselves or others in danger.

Supporters say gunman Elliot Rogers' parents had seen warning signs.  They had contacted police before he opened fire back in may, but there was nothing authorities could do.

"This bill is kind of a knee jerk reaction to a problem.  It really doesn't solve the problem," Gun Owners of California Executive Director Sam Paredes said.

Paredes and his group are opposed to the bill and feel it will not be effective.  They say if someone wants access to firearms, they'll find a way, even if their guns are taken away.

"The bill puts in a window of time where nobody goes in to talk to them, nobody stops them from doing anything before it goes into effect," Paredes said.

Under the bill, a restraining order is filed after law enforcement or family members present a judge with evidence.

The senate passed the bill 23-8.  The assembly will vote next.

If Governor Brown signs it, it will become law Jan. 1.


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