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(KTXL) — With triple-digit heat expected this week across the Northern and Central parts of California, including Sacramento, Pacific Gas and Electric Company is recommending its customers some ways to save on energy during the hot weather. 

As many people use their air conditioning to combat hot temperatures, PG&E said cranking up their AC not only puts pressure on the grid but also affects their energy bills, as its one of the biggest drivers of energy consumption, according to the utility company. 

According to PG&E, here are the ways people can save money on their power bills during the hot summer months: 

  • Pre-cool your home
  • Shade the air conditioner
  • Use ceiling fans
  • Change air filters regularly
  • Close window coverings
  • Turn off unnecessary lights
  • Avoid using large appliances during peak hours
  • Avoid using your oven on hot days

To pre-cool your home, PG&E recommends using your air conditioner at the start of the morning or overnight. It’s recommended to turn off appliances and set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher when at home. PG&E says every degree above 78 degrees represents approximately 2% of cooling costs. 

PG&E recommends shading outside air conditioner equipment to keep the system cooler, but you need to make sure the airflow isn’t blocked. Also, PG&E said to keep your AC clear and free of overgrown vegetation or other items that could impact its efficiency. 

When using ceiling fans, PG&E said those fans cost about 90% less to run, but it’s highly recommended to turn off fans when leaving your home. 

Changing your air filter is an important step, as a dirty air filter will make your AC system work harder, causing it to use more energy, PG&E said.