PG&E answers questions about power shutoffs, vows to increase response time


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Tuesday night, PG&E tried to answer questions in front of state leaders, including Cal Fire and the state’s utility commission, about when they should turn off power for public safety and what exactly they are trying to avoid.

PG&E said its models or ability to predict the severity of potential fires has gotten much better.

Cal Fire’s Assistant Deputy Director Daniel Berlant was one of the people asking questions of the power company today.

“What is the model in the decision-making tree going to look like before they actually pull that trigger and close that power off,” Berlant asked.

“They’re making a number of improvements to that model. One of those is just moving away from just large wildfires and really looking at catastrophic wildfires. That means the bar is actually heightened before they pull the trigger,” Berlant explained.

PG&E also told the public they will be quicker getting to issues in the field regardless of the problem.

A big criticism of the utility is not responding fast enough.

In a press release, PG&E said they will now respond to issues involving their equipment in 60 minutes or less.

Previously that policy applied only to fires and downed lines.

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