Plane Debris Crashed Through Yorba Linda Couple’s Home

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(KTLA) — As authorities continue to investigate Sunday’s deadly plane crash in Yorba Linda, a neighborhood is still reeling from the shock what happened.

FOX40 sister station KTLA reports in total, five people were killed when the small plane broke apart mid-air around 1:45 p.m., raining debris over homes in the area of Crestknoll and Glendale drives. The deceased include the pilot and four people inside a home.

Jim Mehl and his wife Nancy were home when the plane went down, sending everything from small shrapnel to a massive piece of an engine smashing into their home.

The couple is now thanking God that they are both safe.

The Mehls invited KTLA inside their home to view the extensive damage.

Jim said he was in the bathroom just minutes before a piece smashed through the wall.

“Turned the corner and then ‘bam,’ and it hit and that piece came right through,” Jim explained. “I would’ve got it.”

The debris left holes in the wall, shattered windows and destroyed a post in front of their house, among other things.

The Mehls said they are used to hearing planes flying overhead, but they could tell from the sound that something was wrong as the plane approached.

“I could hear the plane, which we do all the time, but this time it was a screaming,” Nancy said. “While I wasn’t sure what was going on, I just had that sudden feeling something really bad was about to happen.”

Nancy said she grabbed their dogs and took cover in a corner of a back room just before the debris began hitting.

“Within the first thirty seconds, after making sure he was OK, and I was ok, and the dogs were OK, and the house was not on fire, I was on my knees thanking God for it,” she said. “So that’s how very humbled, very grateful because stuff can be fixed. Lives can’t be reclaimed.”

FAA and NTSB continue to investigate the incident.


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