SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — As the midterms approach, Californians will soon have the opportunity to vote on several statewide ballot measures including two propositions to legalize online and in-person sports betting.

Results from a new poll indicate voters are not ready to go all in on either measure.

“If one of the propositions passes, you will see sports betting in some form — retail or online — in California in 2023,” said Robert Linnehan, XL Media Sports Regulatory Editor.

Props 26 and 27 could change the sports betting landscape across the state. 

But a new poll from the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies indicates neither will pass.  

Of the over 6,900 Californians surveyed for the poll, 31% said they support prop 26.

The ballot measure calls for in-person sports betting on tribal lands and select horse racing tracks across the state.

Bets wagered at the tracks would see a 10% state tax with revenue going toward regulation for gambling, mental health, and sports betting.

With support not looking strong for prop 26, it’s looking even weaker for prop 27, which would allow online sports betting in California and wager taxes and fees on tribes and gaming companies.

A majority of the revenue raised from that would go toward homeless services and gambling and addiction programs.

But for the majority of the people surveyed, support is not there, with 53% saying they’ll vote no.

“In this particular instance, you have two competing initiatives, both running very heavy no ad campaigns against the other side,” said UC Berkeley IGS Poll Director Mark Dicamillo. “So it’s really not that surprising that voters are being turned off by both of them.”

As for the race for governor, the poll found Republican Brian Dahle has a slight increase in support for his candidacy against Gavin Newsom but the Democratic governor still leads the race by more than 20 points.