SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Private well owners in California are being urged to be prepared for the summer months if they have been affected by the drought. 

The advisory was issued by the California Groundwater Association on Tuesday. 

They said it’s crucial for well owners to get their systems inspected and water levels tested. According to the CGA, a drought will affect a well’s productivity and the quality of its water. 

“There has been growing evidence that lower water tables, deeper wells, and extreme drought have led to higher levels of contaminants in groundwater,” the CGA said.

The CGA said well owners should follow four steps to be prepared. 

  • An inspection by a certified water well contractor
  • Testing the well water
  • Testing water levels
  • Fix leaks and make use of water-efficient technology

Well owners are urged to take action as soon as possible.

“If it has been more than a year since your last water well inspection, we urge well owners to reach out today to a certified contractor,” the California Groundwater Association said.

The CGA warned that people are experiencing delays in service due to the drought, supply chain issues and a labor shortage.