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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Fifty-one of California’s 58 counties have submitted their estimated recall election costs to the Department of Finance for review.

A spokesperson said Wednesday the department will follow up with the other seven counties to put together a better picture of the recall’s likely price tag, a required step the recall process.

As of Wednesday, the department could not provide a preliminary cost estimate. Once it finishes its analysis, the department will send it over to lawmakers who will have 30 days to review it.

That’s time that some state legislative leaders say they may not need.

“Our county election officials have already indicated their costs,” explained State Senator Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley. “They’ve indicated it for some time now, what they believe those costs to be, we’ve already been reviewing that and that 30 days may not be necessary.”

The Department of Finance plans to provide a figure to lawmakers ahead of the state budget deadline on June 15 because counties requested state reimbursements for the cost of the likely election.

How much time exactly will be saved in this process is to be determined, but the legislature could finish its role in the recall by earmarking the funds within the next two weeks.

“Sooner rather than later? Great news,” Rescue California campaign manager Anne Dunsmore said.

Recall support organizations like Rescue California say they’re prepared for the election to be as early as August.

“We started our volunteer training on get out the vote this week, so we’re ready, we always have been,” Dunsmore told FOX40.

The Secretary of State could announce the recall election is official as early as Tuesday when the timeline to remove signatures from the petition ends.