Recent Snowmelt Means More Water but Less Beach at Lake Tahoe for Fourth of July

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LAKE TAHOE — With all the recent snowmelt, Lake Tahoe is full but, with more water means less beach. So, if you’re going up there for the Fourth of July you better make some friends because it’s going to be a tight squeeze.

Around 250,000 out-of-towners are either already there or will be there by Tuesday for the holiday.

Chad Genzlinger came up from Auburn but says he’s heading home before the biggest crowds get there.

“If you get too many people up here it’s dangerous on the streets, riding the bikes, if they’re not running over you with these little green scooters they are running over you with vehicles,” he said.

But the biggest issue may be by the water.

“Well with water comes less beach you know it’s a good thing, our state needs the water,” said DJ Zaphra.

Zaphra works at the Beacon Bar and Grill at Camp Richardson. He knows there won’t be room to spare on the sand soon.

“It’s going to be shoulder to shoulder, lots of kids playing, expecting lots and lots of people,” Zaphra said.

At a beach along Highway 50, rocks are being pushed into the water to create a little more beach area.

And of course, with all the people comes all their trash.

Every fifth of July, Jeff Patterson with Keep Tahoe Blue and hundreds of volunteers clean up the beaches.

Last year his crew picked up nearly 1,500 pounds of trash at five of the area’s popular beaches.

But with less beach, the trash spreads.

“It just kind of moves up the beach into the parking lots, in the bushes, up on the sides of the roads. So people are still coming, our hope is that they clean up after themselves especially since they are in tighter spaces and it will be easier to do,” Patterson said.


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