Republicans focus on 2022 after failed recall effort


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A night after California said no to replacing Gov. Gavin Newsom, Republicans are vowing to keep up the fight heading into 2022. 

“One positive outcome that came out of having this recall election is that we have put an infrastructure in place around the state earlier than ever before,” said California Republican Deputy Executive Director Ellie Hockenbury. 

Focusing on momentum, California Republicans have a lot of ground to make up. As of Wednesday night, Newsom is projected to defeat the recall effort by a greater margin than he won the 2018 race against John Cox. 

Along with issues like crime, homelessness and poverty, Hockenbury said tapping into certain demographics will be key as well. 

“One area that certainly I would be concerned about if I was Gavin Newsom is the Latino vote. This is a community that has shown that they have had frustrations with this governor,” Hockenbury said. 

So much is still unknown, such as, will voters still be focused on the pandemic? 

“The polling actually from the Newsom campaign, they revealed that their internal polling showed a real split on whether somebody was vaccinated or not,” said Vice President of Political Data Inc. Paul Mitchell. 

Mitchell said, while it’s hard to tell if the pandemic will be done by then, there is a chance that more traditional issues will be what many are voting on come November. 

“And people will get back to issues that generally divide the country, abortion and health care, and jobs, and the economy, the environment, you know, put us back into that kind of split,” Mitchell said. 

It is also unknown who will be the Republican nominee for governor. Although Larry Elder took nearly 47% of those who voted for the recall, both Hockenbury and Mitchell said someone new could come out of the primary. 

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