(KTXL) — Just after 8:00 p.m., the California Independent System Operator announced that it had ended its Energy Emergency Alert 3, crediting residents for reducing their energy usage and helping avert rolling blackouts.

The ISO tweeted, “At 8 p.m., the grid operator ended its Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) 3 with no load sheds for the night. Consumer conservation played a big part in protecting electric grid reliability. Thank you, California!”

Energy providers were warning Californians of the possibility of planned rolling blackouts on Tuesday as the heat wave in the western United States peaked.

As of 5:45 p.m., the California Independent System Operator declared an Energy Emergency Alert 3. Power outages were “very possible.”

During these rolling blackouts, the California Independent System Operator determines when the blackouts are needed and instructs the energy providers that are a member of the network to begin implementing them.

SMUD is not a part of the California ISO system but has mentioned it too is struggling with its power grid during the heat wave and could potentially implement rotating outages among its customers. 

Both SMUD and PG&E have said that, in the case of rolling blackouts, both providers would let their customers know beforehand if their power would be shut off. 

While PG&E did not specify a time frame, SMUD said they would give their customers at least one hour’s notice. 

SMUD also said that if the power was shut off, it would only be off for about an hour, whereas PG&E said the power could be shut off for one to two hours. 

On Monday, Downtown Sacramento recorded all-time high temperatures for September, and temperatures are supposed to be even hotter Tuesday.

On Monday the high in Downtown Sacramento was 110 degrees, and the previous record high temperature for the month of September was 108 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

On Tuesday, The FOX40 Weather Center is forecasting a high temperature of 115 in Sacramento, which would break the all-time record for hottest temperature recorded in the city. 

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Tuesday’s potential record breakers

  • 115 degrees in Downtown Sacramento
  • 115 degrees in Stockton
  • 113 degrees in Modesto