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SACRAMENTO — The DMV is reminding California drivers of three new laws taking effect on July 1.

The first is a regulatory change for private, not-for-hire passenger carriers. An example of this kind of carrier would be an employee shuttle or church bus. SB 19 transfers regulatory authority from the California Public Utilities Commission to the DMV. You can read the legislation here.

Next, buses are required to be equipped with seatbelts. Kids between 8 and 15 years old must wear seatbelts or “be in an appropriate restraint that meets federal safety standards. Read SB 20 here.

Finally, drivers for hire have a lower legal limit for blood alcohol concentration. The regular legal limit is still 0.08 BAC, but drivers transporting a fare have a new limit of 0.04 BAC. Violations mean the DMV can suspend a driver’s license if the driver is convicted. Read AB 2687 here.