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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — On the eve of the recall election, the Sacramento County Voter Registration and Elections Office has already seen hundreds of thousands of ballots. 

“I think a lot of people will wait until tomorrow. We are pleasantly surprised the number of people that have been voting ahead of time,” said Janna Haynes, with the elections office. 

Voters who received their ballot in the mail weeks ago but have not filled it out still have some time. As long as it is post-marked with Tuesday’s date, Sept. 14, the ballot will still be accepted. 

There are also 72 ballot drop boxes throughout Sacramento County posted outside libraries and grocery stores. Aside from drop boxes, there are 30 voting center locations. 

“If you’re dropping off or voting in person, it has to be by 8 p.m. So, the drop boxes will lock by 8 p.m., and as long as you’re in line at a vote center by 8 p.m., you can still vote, even if it takes you a little bit longer to get through the line,” Haynes said. 

Haynes said, for those with safety concerns, the drop boxes are in public places and within the view of security cameras. 

“So that we know our that our drop boxes are not being tampered with,” Haynes said. 

And the security measures don’t end at the drop-off locations. 

“We all work with a buddy system so that no one person is around voted ballots by themselves at any time,” Haynes told FOX40. 

The mail sorter machine scans each barcode on the envelope allowing voters to check the status of their ballot. It also takes a picture of signatures to verify identities. 

Ballots are manually checked to make sure the tabulation machine can read them. So, there are constant eyes monitoring the ballots. 

“To ensure that no one is messing with our ballots, no one is messing with our tabulation machines. As well as the fact that we have that room livestreamed 24/7 on our website. People can watch whether there’s action happening in there or not,” Haynes said.