(FOX40.COM) — Sacramento has a new reputation for being among the nation’s major cities with the “highest rates of neighborhood complaints,” according to a recent study done by a moving company known as MoverDB.

The conclusion was drawn by the number of calls placed to 3-1-1, a phone line and app that some cities provide for non-emergency contacts for city services. Noisy neighbors, weird smells, barking dogs, illegal trash dumping, street light issues, flooding and more can be reported to 3-1-1 in the Sacramento area. The study was reportedly done over 12 months and ended in August 2023.

According to MoverDB, the the Farm-to-Fork city ranks second-highest in the United States with 11,156 complaints for every 10,000 residents per year. This follows the eastern coast city of Baltimore that totals 17,551 complaints per 10,000 residents, the study says.

“The City of Sacramento encourages its residents to call 311 for any customer service request they have, including seeking information and setting up new services,” MoverDB reported. “This could explain why Sacramento ranks so high on this list.”

Although Sacramento ranked second on MoverDB’s nationwide list, the area with the fewest complaints was Carmichael which totaled only 168 complaints per 10,000 residents.

Other California cities that ranked high on the complainer list based on 10,000 residents are:

San Francisco (9,384 complaints)
Berkley (4,874 complaints)
Los Angeles (3,406 complaints)
San Jose (2,775 complaints)
San Diego (2,678 complaints)
Oakland (2,210 complaints)
Riverside (906 complaints)