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COLFAX, Calif. (KTXL) — Some Colfax residents told FOX40 they are now without propane after the recent storm took out electricity lines and transformers. 

Roger Aaronson said he and his family have been without propane for a week now. Other neighbors have gone longer than that. 

“Propane provides the cookstove for us and the hot water heater,” Aaronson said. 

They aren’t yet taking icy cold showers — as long as they plan ahead. 

“Well, you know if I time it correctly, it works out pretty well,” Aaronson said laughing. 

FOX40 contacted some local propane companies regarding the delivery delays. Many had the same message: Due to severe weather, our office will be experiencing delays until road conditions improve.

The director of operations at JS West Propane said that part of the problem was not being able to access their own courtyard for two days. The roadways had been closed due to the storm. 

He said, since then, they’ve hired additional resources to help with those propane deliveries. 

For Aaronson, he has lived in Colfax for 20 years and has learned to live with wildland fires and snowstorms. 

“You expect it, but not as this extreme. But there’s a lot of people a lot worse off than we are. So, we feel very fortunate,” Aaronson said. 

Some residents are beginning to worry about how much propane they have left. 

“That’s a little less than what I’d like to have,” said one resident. 

He said the propane problem hasn’t slowed him down yet at the young age of 86. 

“Have to still cut wood, you know,” he said laughing. 

“We’re happy here. And I hope to remain some more time,” Aaronson said.