Stockton Police Conclude 3-Month Long Gang Investigation, 47 Arrests Made

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STOCKTON — Tuesday, after arresting 47 individuals, the Stockton Police Department ending a three-month long criminal investigation into south Stockton’s most violent criminal gangs.

The trespassing and video surveillance warnings on the businesses along MLK Boulevard in Stockton are scribbled over with graffiti.

“I said, ‘Oh, my God, not today.’ I mean it’s like this all the time,” said Derek Ramos. 

It’s a street that Ramos says is full of violence.

“As I was rebuilding the engine I heard, ‘pow, pow,'” Ramos said.

Ramos says on Sept. 27, he heard gunshots then saw a man running with a bullet hole in his leg.

“I told him just hide behind the car, so you know, you won’t get shot again,” Ramos said. 

I got a belt out of there and then just wrapped his leg up and stopped the bleeding,” he added.

The people investigators say pulled the trigger are now behind bars. Delshone Staples and Destinee Graham are both suspected Flyboys gang members.

“Oh I didn’t know about that part … If they made arrests, that’s good. That’s good,” Ramos said. 

Police Chief Eric Jones says a total of 47 felony arrests were made. Dozens of illegal drugs and guns have also been taken off the streets.

“Gonna be relentless on suppressing gun violence in our communities,” said Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones. 

The chief says it was the work of a three-month long investigation. Multiple local, state and federal agencies helped.

“This is just smarter policing, and better use of both data and the word on the street,” Jones said. 

Ramos is pleased to hear of the arrests because for him, fewer guns and fewer felons means more safety.

Because the pain of losing a family member is all too real for him.

Ramos’ dad and brother were both gunned down years ago.

“This was too close to home, I lost a brother in Fairfield, he got shot up in his own home,” he said. 


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