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LAKE TAHOE (AP) _ A paddle-wheel cruise boat ran aground on the California side of Lake Tahoe only minutes into the new year, stranding about 200 New Year’s revelers for some two hours in sub-freezing temperatures.

El Dorado County sheriff’s deputies say the Tahoe Queen became stuck roughly 200 yards from its dock in South Lake Tahoe at the end of the cruise early Thursday.U.S. Coast Guard Ensign Jake Urrutia (u-root-ee-uh) says a tug eventually pulled the boat to the dock and there were no injuries.

He says he’s unsure how the boat ran aground and two Coast Guard inspectors from San Francisco were headed to the scene to begin an investigation.

The Tahoe Queen also ran aground off South Lake Tahoe in August, prompting rescuers to evacuate about 300 people aboard.