(KTXL) — Yelp recently published a list of the “50 most loved brands in the United States” and a certain restaurant chain known for its free breadsticks is the top brand in California.

“While New York is on a health kick with Smoothie King, Californians prefer their food comfortable and their breadsticks unlimited at Olive Garden…” Yelp said in a post about the list.
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Olive Garden, a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants, specializes in Italian-American food, is headquartered in Orlando and has almost 1,000 locations across the country, according to the company.

On Yelp’s list of most loved brands in each state, Olive Garden appeared only once, as California’s selection.

Other national brands that were selected by multiple states as the most loved brands include Marshall’s, Smoothie King, Culver’s and CostCo.

The list contains the most loved restaurants, food and retail brands in the country, which Yelpers determined based on things like “affordability, customer service and consistent, high quality products,” according to Yelp.

See the full list of the most loved brands in each state and a list of the 50 most loved brands in the country overall here.

How did Yelp determine the most loved brands?

Yelp says that it generated the list by looking at brands with at least 200 locations in at least 25 states and that had more than 500 reviews, with at least one review for every two locations in 2022.

The brands that were selected as each state’s most loved brand had to be included in the national ranking of the 50 most loved brands.

Olive Garden ranked 15th on the national list.