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TRACY — The family of a Bay Area woman who was brutally murdered back in 2005 has been forced to relive that horrific moment in their lives.

Jackie Cassettari in an undated photo provided by her family.

Jackie Cassettari’s killer, Brian Rainwater, is set to be released from prison this November.

It took two years to find Rainwater and he was finally sentenced in 2009. Even then, Cassettari’s family thought his sentence was too light. Initially, he got 15 years but he is getting out much earlier than that.

“You took the most beautiful soul and you’re a sick human being and I think that you deserve to die in the fashion that you took her from us,” said Cassettari’s cousin, Steffanie Cruser.

Cassettari was found dead in her Livermore apartment after she was beaten, strangled and sexually assaulted.

Cruser spoke out Monday, years later, because Rainwater will soon be a free man, paroling out nearly five years earlier than his original, full sentence.

“We wanted him to be in there for life. We wanted him to suffer and then just never be able to see the light of day again,” Cruser told FOX40.

Come November, Rainwater will have only served 10 years for the brutal killing.

Mugshot of Brian Rainwater from June 3, 2013.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation confirms he is being released early because of time served and earned credit for taking college courses while in prison. Additionally, some charges outside his manslaughter conviction were ultimately dropped to misdemeanors.

“Now he’s being released in Tracy where family lives? It’s just … it’s not OK,” Cruser said.

Cruser said Rainwater knows what many of her family members look like. Him being released in Tracy, their hometown, is disturbing.

They’re hoping to appeal and have Rainwater released somewhere else.

“Far away, far, far away because no one wants him to run into him at a grocery store or a gas station,” Cruser told FOX40.

The family of Cassetari said they are sending letters to Tracy police and city officials hoping they too will push back on Rainwater’s release in their city.