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NYACK, Calif. (KTXL) — California is set to see another storm this week.

It has travelers, such as the Fairgood family, planning their trip through the Sierra in advance. Their plan is to get up and over the mountain before the storm and all the other holiday travelers. 

“We didn’t want to get stuck. We just wanted to have a nice easy drive, not have that stop and go and be safe,” Lisa Fairgood said. 

Kingvale Gas Station clerk Troy Richmond said when the snow comes, they will sell around 1,000 sets of tire chains in just a few days. Richmond also mentioned that some drivers don’t understand that the size of a vehicle’s tires makes all the difference for what is needed. 

“You know, everybody is on vacation; nobody really knows what they need until they need it,” Richmond said. 

Chains or not, accidents in snowstorms are almost inevitable. The California Highway Patrol asks those involved in fender benders to not stay on the road after a collision. 

“A lot of times people will just stay there in the road blocking the roadway which causes a bigger issue. Now traffic can’t get by you,” Sgt. Evan Beaver explained. 

Caltrans, though, will do its best to keep the roads as safe as possible. Before the first flakes even hit Interstate 80, Caltrans is going to treat the road with a mixture of sand and salt brine. 

Caltrans said about a third of its more than 600 District 3 employees are in place for when Mother Nature decides to dump snow. 

“215 of those are seasonal employees, so we have got a lot of staffing that we are able to call upon when we have big storms like this,” Raquel Borrayo, with Caltrans said. 

As of Monday night, it looks like the snow will start falling in the Sierra sometime Tuesday evening.