VIDEO: California Navy Family Surprised with New Home

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A family in Spring Valley moved back into their home Monday morning after winning a surprise home renovation contest.

Cheryl Barton and her husband Barry who is a special intelligence officer for the Navy have lived in the home with their three sons, one of which has severe disabilities. The couple said they needed the renovation badly, but could not afford them.

“I think the house looks amazing, they did a really good job,” Cheryl Barton told KSWB.

Monday morning, the family came home to a brand new kitchen, floors, bathrooms and a new awning in the backyard. For them, it isn’t about the cosmetic improvement, but rather the functionality.

“The bathroom was a problem. We couldn’t really give our [disabled son] a shower accurately or safety. He is 40 pounds of dead weight so its really hard to lift him up and out without him slipping,” said Barry Barton.

After writing a letter, the Barton’s were selected out of 60 other families by construction company REIG.

“Just the heart that they have … they wanted to make ample sure that this was for them because there is so many people that need it,” said Patrick Clark, CEO of REIG.

According to REIG, the updates are worth $100,000 at retail value. With the help of volunteers and sponsors the Barton home was able to get the transformation.

Cheryl Barton said one of the most important changes was the carpeting.

“[Our son] can now go in his walker, before we had tile and so it was hard for him to walk in his walker,” she said.

REIG is planning to help four more military families in similar situation in 2015.

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