Video: Driver hit by golf ball on Hwy 101 in Sunnyvale


SUNNYVALE, Calif. (KRON)- “We heard a boom, like a shot — like a gunshot.”

That boom was actually a golf ball.

A driver says he was on 101 near the 237 interchange in Sunnyvale when a golf ball hit the hood of his car, and it was caught on video.

The driver tells KRON4 that he’s relieved he’s okay and it wasn’t worse but at the moment, he was scared.

He didn’t know what had happened until he was able to look at his dashcam video.

A golf ball falling out of the sky and hitting the hood of a driver’s car while he’s driving on Highway 101.

“We got a little bit scared at the moment,” Vladimir Dubrovsky said.

Vladimir Dubrovsky was driving with his wife from San Francisco to Milpitas when the golf ball hit their car.

He says they weren’t sure exactly what happened until they saw the dent and video.

“When I got home I opened Google Maps and saw that there was a golf course next to the freeway in that area,” Dubrovsky said.

The highways run along the Sunnyvale Golf Course. He says he contacted the golf course about the incident.

“They responded and sent me a simple form and advised me to submit a claim to Sunnyvale city,” Dubrovsky said.

He is working on getting an estimate so he can submit that claim, so far he went to the dealership, they recommended a body shop, the body shop recommended a dent specialist.

“He said I don’t think I’ll be able to make a 100 percent repair using just my techniques,” Dubrovsky said.

Now he has to go back to the body shop. He says he’s grateful it wasn’t worse.

He says he hopes having this video will encourage the city to make changes.

KRON4 reached out to the golf course and the city of Sunnyvale about this incident — They haven’t gotten back to me just yet.

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