Warren campaign surrogate Julian Castro stops in Sacramento during California tour

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) -- Former presidential candidate Julian Castro made a quick stop in Sacramento Monday as he toured the country with Sen. Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign.

"Everybody's excited about the California primary coming up on March 3rd," said Castro.

Two recently released California polls show Warren in third place, trailing Sen. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

But Castro said Warren is riding momentum after the Democratic debate in Nevada.

"Unfortunately, all of the early voting had happened in Nevada and that was about 75% of the overall vote," said Castro. "So, you couldn't see the effect yet of that momentum but I'm confident that we will see that in the weeks to come."

According to the Sacramento Bee, Warren has the fewest visits to the state of any of the presidential candidates on the Democratic Super Tuesday ticket.

Castro, who made several stops along coastal and central California, was asked if Warren's taking the state seriously.

"We're not in Super Tuesday yet, right, and she does take California seriously, the campaign takes California seriously," Castro said. "They have people on the ground here in California, staff members that have been organizing. There's a whole army of volunteers here in California supporting the campaign."

Castro campaigning with Warren comes weeks after he dropped out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Castro would not specify whether he's a candidate for vice president on a Warren presidential ticket.

"She has been very clear, not only publically but privately, that it would be presumptuous for her to talk about individuals because she has not secured the Democratic nomination," he said.

The campaign would not say when or even if Warren will be making a stop in California ahead of Super Tuesday.


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