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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Another recently released poll shows support for Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recall continues to grow.

The latest Berkeley IGS and Los Angeles Times poll released Tuesday says Newsom’s performance rating is underwater among voters who are most likely to participate in this recall.

Newsom responded to the poll results that show a growing number of voters are leaning in an unfavorable direction for him weeks before his recall election.

“We’re going to defeat this partisan effort,” Newsom said.

The poll showed 47% of likely voters would vote yes to recall the governor with 50% saying they would keep him in office.

The poll echoed results from an Inside California Politics and Emerson College poll, which showed a similar scenario if the recall were held in July.

Newsom says he’s confident he’ll overcome the special election on Sept. 14, pointing to recent budget action he’s taken in Fresno.

“If we continue to do that good work, I think we’re going to be OK on election day,” Newsom explained.

The California Republican party pounced on the poll with chairwoman Jessica Milan Patterson Tuesday tweeted, “We’re ready to win.”

The latest poll noted turnout is likely to be far higher among Republicans than Democrats and no party preference voters.

Newsom’s anti-recall campaign says it’s working to boost Democratic enthusiasm for the upcoming election.

“They need to appreciate what’s at stake,” explained California Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley. “We’re a blue state and I think they take for granted that we are, and they don’t take this recall seriously, so we have got to motivate our voters.”

Similar to Inside California Politics’ poll, the poll released Tuesday also showed Larry Elder is the preferred pick to replace Newsom, but still 40% of voters are undecided on a replacement candidate.