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(KTXL) — Members of the nation’s largest union of registered nurses are calling out President Joe Biden and the hospital industry, claiming that both have been putting patients and caregivers at risk.

A candlelight vigil was recently held in Washington, D.C., to remember all the health care workers who have died while trying to care for others during the pandemic. National Nurses United claims many of those who were lost were compromised by a lack of proper protection.

Members of that union started Thursday voicing concern at hospitals and via caravan in places like Tracy, Modesto and Manteca. They eventually took their message to Sutter Roseville Medical Center.

They said they want every unit and every shift staffed up immediately to reverse the strain on this frontline workforce.

The NNU has criticized the president and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for reducing isolation guidelines and other measures they believe could bring harm to nurses and patients.

“Yes, we’re in a crisis, but this crisis is two years old. The hospital could have made much better decisions and get us more prepared for this virus,” said Dotty Nygard. “We were heroes two years ago. Now, we’re totally invisible and we’re being told by not only the CDC and Governor Newsom that if we’re positive and show no symptoms, we need to come back to work. That is ludicrous.”

This week, the NNU has also taken to the national stage to condemn changes by the California Department of Public Health. State public health officials are now allowing COVID-positive but asymptomatic health care workers and those exposed to the virus to return to work without isolation.