WILTON, Calif. (KTXL) —Although evacuation orders in Wilton have been lifted, some residents are still without power.

And while the rain will continue to fall, which has already caused flooding and shut down roads leading out of town, residents say they’re ready.

“It sucks walking around your house with my camplight; it really does suck,” John Brandenburg, a Wilton resident, says.

Brandenburg has been without electricity since Sunday night after a power pole fell three houses down from his.

“I lost all my food, everything,” Brandenburg said.

He decided to stay in his home, despite a couple of evacuation orders within the past couple of weeks.

“Loaded my gun and I was ready for anybody trying to loot my house,” Brandenburg said.

Saul Garcia says he just got his power back. He had been without power last week for three days, and this week for four days. He had put his family in a hotel, while the power was off in their home.

“Really scary. We were coming down 99, when they closed it down. And we detoured to Wilton,” Elena Herrera, an Acampo resident, recalls.

Herrera says that’s when things got real.

“We were driving at night time, it was a car right in front of us. A tree fell over. And this car almost crashed,” Herrera says.

Some in Wilton say, when the flooding happens, they’re cut off from the rest of the world because the roads leading out are shut down.

“Everybody’s scared. You know, some of my workers, they didn’t come because they were scared,” Rani Bindre, owner of Wilton Gas Store, says.

Bindre says the water rose so high, it spilled onto the roadway, forcing a closure.

“No water. No power. People don’t have food either,” Bindre said. “My store, the roof, it’s blowing a lot. I fixed some yesterday.”

But she still stayed open because aside from one other gas station down the road she says her shop was the only place to get some necessities, like milk and eggs.

“And people said, ‘Oh, you saved my life, because you are here,’” Bindre says.

And that sense of community is what keeps people living in Wilton, despite any hardship brought on by the storms.

“We like it here. Quiet, for the kids and everything,” Garcia said. 

“Everybody’s super nice. Way better than being in the city. We’re all a family here,” Brandenburg said.