With Buttigieg visiting this week, Sacramento voters weigh-in on the 2020 presidential race

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — On the heels of a top-two finish in a chaotic Iowa caucus, a contest that’s usually a definitive nod from voters in the state, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is headed to Sacramento.

The Friday touchdown will be the second time around in the region for the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., having just visited West Sacramento in late 2019.

But when FOX40 hit the streets to find out just who is on voters’ minds in February, Buttigieg’s name wasn’t rolling off their lips.

More than staunch candidate support, voters gave the following assessment of the 2020 election season:

“I think it’s a lot of noise, too much noise going on, yeah. I don’t know, I think we can’t really tell what’s going on behind the candidates right now,” said Jason O’Neal of Sacramento.

When FOX40 asked who voters are paying attention to, some voters feel not yet fully engaged.

“I’m kind of 50-50. I’m semi paying attention and semi trying to get there,” said Caitlyn Cowles of Sacramento.

Though legions of would-be ballot casters are also still trying to get there, that doesn’t mean their political preferences aren’t starting to solidify.

“Our country’s doing really really well the last four years and he’s already got the electoral college, so it’s pretty much sewn up for 2020, as far as that’s concerned. So, you know, probably Trump again,” said Brion Burkett of Sacramento.

“Personally, I’m gonna vote with Bernie Sanders because I think he’s uncompromising and really sings the same tune every year. You can look at videos of him back in the 90s in congress, defending a lot of ideas that were radical back then but aren’t so radical now,” said Garrett Putman of Sacramento.

“I’m a Trump supporter, so I’m trying to stick with the facts of what he brings to the table and not fall for all the things on social media bringing him down,” said Cowles.

And instead of committing to a specific candidate at this time, many are committed to staying open-minded and vetting candidates in person, when they can, like with Buttigieg coming Friday.

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