SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — California has the potential to reach a new highest average gas price record, just a few months after setting the record earlier this year.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), California is one cent away from breaking the all-time highest average gas price.

In June this year, the average price for one gallon of regular unleaded gas reached $6.438, and on Wednesday the average cost of one gallon of regular unleaded gas is $6.425.

Last week, prices of regular unleaded gas rose to an average of over $6 a gallon in most counties.

Despite California’s average being $6.425 per gallon of gas, the national average is $3.81, which has also seen an increase over the past few weeks.

According to AAA, California has seen over a dollar increase from a month ago when the average gas price was $5.276.

Currently, Mono County is experiencing the highest average price per gallon at $7.210, according to AAA.

Other counties experiencing the highest prices are the Bay Area, Northern California, and San Louis Obispo.

These prices are all general estimates and can be different when you arrive at the pump, says AAA.