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SACRAMENTO — Hundreds of Sacramento-area kids got a chance to get hands on with airplanes Sunday afternoon at the California Capital Airshow for the sixth annual Positive Altitude program, which teaches kids to dream big and work toward their goals all through the medium of flight.

In the passenger’s seat of a Cessna 182 airplane, young Sage Harris flew through the clouds for the ride of a lifetime.

“It was amazing,” Sage said. She was one of hundreds of kids who participated in Positive Altitude.

“You let them sit in the airplane and kind of play with it and see that they’re not a big scary machine, and hopefully maybe one day they’ll want to fly,” said Pilot Tony Wright.

Kids had a chance to see a variety of aircraft from medevac and Army helicopters to FedEx cargo planes to Wright’s private plane that was flown in World War II.

“Most of these kids haven’t had an opportunity to be around airplanes at all. For them to come out here and see such a variety of airplanes, it’s a lot of fun for them,” Wright said.

And for the participants, it’s all hands on.

“We love this event because it’s a little different than a museum, a classroom or a textbook,” said Executive Director of the California Capital Airshow Darcy Brewer.

Brewer invites motivational speakers in addition to pilots, hoping kids leave Positive Altitude with a taste of flight — but more importantly, an ambition as endless as the horizon.

“What it inspires them to do is to think big, dream big and know that nothing is beyond their reach,” said Brewer.

The program is funded in part from ticket sales to the California Capital Airshow.