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WASHINGTON (KTXL) — In our nation’s capital hundreds of business and political leaders from the greater Sacramento region kept busy on the second day of the Capital-to-Capital Advocacy Conference.

Attendees shared what they hoped to accomplish ahead of key meetings here with our nations most influential leaders about some of the most pressing issues back home Sunday.

Organized by the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce, this is the first in-person Cap-to-Cap event in two years. One meeting included more than 400 attendees from various sectors across the California capital region, including around 75 elected representatives, with all of them here to meet with federal officials.

The delegation was made up of 12 different policy teams, each focused on a unique issue that directly impacts our area. The issue that was at the top of mind is California’s precious water resource.

“We certainly are in a drought in the state. And it has to effect our region as well. And we need to conserve and do our part,” Robert Dugan, the Director of the Placer County Water Agency said.

Robert Dugan has attended Cap-to-Cap for two decades. He said that the conference has delivered for the region year after year, and this year he hopes that will continue, especially given California’s dry spell.

“Looking at funding sources that help us fund this issue of a groundwater bank that is twice the size of Folsom Lake which will increase water supply reliability really for the whole state,” said Dugan.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Chief Todd Harms, hopes his presence helped secure federal dollars for forest health and wildfire mitigation efforts to help the state plagued with destructive and deadly wildfires.

“They help assist us in purchasing large pieces of equipment, or replacement for large pieces of equipment. Once an event happens, our ability to respond…being able to respond quickly and have people pre-deployed or have helicopters able to fly and get ahead of a fire before it turns into a mega event is key,” said Harms.

Law enforcement have also made a presence at the Cap-to-Cap conference saying that staffing must be addressed.

“We have challenges in law enforcement across the country in both hiring and retention. And so the goals are to look for funding to support the hiring of professional and sworn staff in public safety,” Adam Green, the Deputy Chief of the Sacramento Police Department said.

The pandemic is also being addressed and how to move forward.

“COVID recovery is all about federal and state resources,” Darrell Doan, the Elk Grove Economic Development Director said.

Darrell Doan who is also the Development Director Co-Lead for the economic development at Cap-to-Cap, said investments in broadband and relief for struggling business owners will help the region dramatically over time.

“It took us a number of days to get into a pandemic. It’s going to take us years to recover from it,” said Doan.

Elected representatives said that a recovery is that much more possible thanks to Cap-to-Cap.

“It’s so important for us to get to together and speak with one very loud voice to make sure that we are getting resources we need for our region,” Rich Desmond, the Sacramento County District 3 Supervisor Vice Chair said.

Monday attendees are scheduled to hold official advocacy meetings with national leaders including members of Congress. Sacramento Congressman Ami Bera is scheduled to address the delegation on Monday morning.