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WASHINGTON D.C. (KTXL) — Nearly 350 Sacramento political and business leaders traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with federal officials for the annual Capitol-to-Capitol meeting.

The parties addressed a wide array of issues including securing funding for business development, an inclusive economy and a vibrant and connected region. 

“You’ve got representatives from 22 cities, six counties, the largest employers, the smallest employers, your higher ed institutions, your non-profit community; not worrying about any of the politics that happen in town. This is just about being a Capitol region citizen, and fighting for the resources that the capitol region needs,” Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce President Amanda Blackwood said.

The event also addressed how the capital region can move forward from the pandemic.

“It took us a number of days to get into a pandemic. It’s going to take us years to recover from it,”  Darrell Doan, the Elk Grove Economic Development Director said.

Civic leaders said investments in the clean energy sector would help all Californians by improving things like air quality and fighting droughts and wildfires, which are getting worse because of climate change.

“When you create new, clean industries you’re creating a much more robust economy and more opportunity for people,” Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg said.

2022 marked the 50th anniversary of Capitol-to-Capitol.