Car Loaded with Firefighters Runs over other Firefighter; Questions Linger

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California Highway Patrol says the deadly accident near Camptonville is being investigated as suspicious. CHP says a group of U.S. Forest Service firefighters with the “Hotshot” crew packed in a four-door sedan, ran over a fellow firefighter.

CHP says 32-year old Michael Kelly II was lying on Marysville Road, just west of Old Toll Road, when he was hit and killed shortly around 1 a.m. Saturday.

“The little that we know is that he was a pedestrian, he was walking back to that location he was assigned to. They all know each other and they were all returning to the same location as well,” said Greg Tassone, a CHP Public Information Officer.

CHP says the group of firefighters in the sedan thought they had hit an animal and called 9-1-1 to report it.

“I don’t understand how they couldn’t see him at night time, they should have headlights on,” said concerned resident Melissa Asevedo.

CHP says two of the passengers jumped in another vehicle and returned to the scene to see what was hit and were devastated when they found out they had hit Kelly.

“At this stage in the investigation, we still have unanswered questions so in that respect this case is viewed as suspicious,” said Tassone.

It’s so suspicious, people can’t help but question the circumstances surrounding Kelly’s death.

“I hope they find out really what happened. I hope they find justice for him justice for his family, instead of having rumors behind it,” said Asevedo.

CHP is conducting a very thorough investigation. So far, more than 35 people have been interview regarding this case.
Though the CHP is calling the driver a suspect, it has not filed any charges in the case.

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