Ceres Couple Chases Down Attempted Carjacker

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When Bill Atkins opened his garage early Wednesday, he did not expect to find a man pinned against his car.

“He was not going nowhere,” said Atkins.

The man on his car was Jay Nelson, the man who reportedly got into a woman’s car and tried to rob her early Wednesday near Modesto’s Riverview Park.

The victim struggled, but was able to break free. Nelson took off running, but was later tracked down by the victim’s husband.

Moments later, the husband had Nelson by the arm and pinned to Atkins car while witnesses called police.

Witnesses say Nelson looked dazed.

“He just had no place to go. He looked beat down is what it looked like,” said Atkins. “The guy was acting like he was half asleep.”

Neighbors say it was the first time they had seen Nelson. It was not a first, though, for police: who had arrested Nelson the day before.

Nelson was arrested for felony attempted kidnapping, attempted robbery, and violating his parole.

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