Combat Veteran Asked to Take Down American Flag from Home

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A woman told FOX40 that management at the Highland Creek Apartments in Roseville asked her husband, a combat Marine veteran, to take down their American Flag they proudly displayed on their front porch.

“She wanted it to be removed so it didn’t offend anybody who didn’t believe in the American flag,” said the man’s wife, April Grossman.

But instead of saying that Old Glory might be found offensive by others, April says the manager could have worded it much differently.

“‘Could you just take it down, because nothing should be hung from the ceiling,’ and that would’ve been fine,” she said.

Management told FOX40 the word “offensive” wasn’t meant to be specific about the American flag.

“Our intent was not to offend anyone by enforcing the clearly stated policy within our lease agreement that is understood and agreed to by all residents,” management said, in a prepared statement.

“He should be able to fly it more than anyone else,” resident Brett Coker said.

That was the feeling of many residents, after learning Jason Grossman served in Iraq.

“I don’t think that’s offensive at all,” resident Ashley Cooper added. “He served our country, so he should have it out and that’s ridiculous, just like (not being able to say) ‘Under God.'”

“That kinda makes me sad they would do that, and not do anything about the trash,” neighbor Derek Blowquist said, pointing to bags of garbage cross from his unit.

Out of reverence, the Grossmans initially hung the flag up on Sept. 11. But to comply with their lease, it now rests on a pole.

“We just wanted to show our support, that’s all,” Grossman added.

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