Comic Shop Offers Reward for Stolen ‘Flintstones’ Car

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Local comic store owner Dave Downey is offering a reward after his Flintmobile was stolen.

On Sunday, Downey noticed that his Flintmobile was gone from the front of his store, The World’s Best Comics and Toys on Watt Ave.

“There was no trace of it in front. We did one circle around the building to see if it was moved but it was gone,” said Downey.

The Flintmobile, a replica of Fred Flintstone’s vehicle from the popular show the “Flintstones,” had been in front of the store just two weeks before it was taken.

“Kids loved it of course, but then again the adults loved it too. Everyone remembers the ‘Flintstones,’” said Downey.

Downey believes it took a few guys to carry away the large wooden car with two 55 gallon oil drums attached to it.

“The perpetrators did not just get in and pedal away,” said Downey. “It is pretty terrible. How can you steal a Flintstones car.”

The Flintmobile was given to Downey as a gift from a customer who made it some time ago.

Downey is now looking at surveillance footage caught by a nearby bowling alley to see if he can identify the thieves.

Downey is offering a reward with no questions asked.

In return for the Flintmobile, he will give away a 6-pack of Cactus Cooler, a hard to find soft drink the Flintstones drank regularly.

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