Community Members Hold Vigil, March for Stephon Clark

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SACRAMENTO — “I want accountability on all levels.” Stevante Clark said during a Friday night march and vigil for Stephon Clark.

Stevante wants justice for his brother.

Nearly one year after Sacramento police shot and killed the 22-year-old in his grandparents’ backyard, Stephon’s name is now engraved in stone on the ground where he died.

“It’s not right. It’s not right at all to kill a young person like that and get away with it,” said Chandler Gatihi.

Dozens gathered along Florin Road and 29th Street, voicing opposition to the district attorney’s decision to not file charges against the Sacramento police officers responsible for Stephon’s death.

“There’s no justice and we’ve seen this happen repeatedly in the killings of young black men in the last few years and now Sacramento is experiencing it. Now is our time to make nice and be heard and come together as a community,” Gatihi stated. Khaya “Khalypso” Osborne stated.

Friday’s was one of several marches this past week by demonstrators, calling for action.

Demanding that those officers be held accountable.

“When you’re not listening and you don’t hear us, we’re going to make you feel us until there’s change,” said Khaya “Khalypso” Osborne said.

And for new measures to be put in place — to prevent another Stephon Clark-like killing.

“We want to see AB392 passed, we also want to see these officers jailed and we want to see in general the structure of our city changed to not allow these injustices anymore,” Jamier Sal said.


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