Couple says Turkish Airlines won’t refund trip because coronavirus not valid concern


RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. (KTXL) — The novel coronavirus is making travel difficult for those who aren’t even going to China.

A worried Rancho Cordova couple told FOX40 that they can’t cancel their flights to Israel without losing all the money they spent.

When 85-year-old Kristine Rawle and her husband, George, bought their tickets their doctor told them it would be OK. But now with coronavirus spreading across the globe and after talking with friends and family, they’re not so sure about their plans.

“We’re elderly. My husband has health proclivities that are especially dangerous to catching flu of any kind,” Kristine told FOX40.

They recently called Turkish Airlines to cancel their flights but were told their fears are not a valid refund reason. The couple said they had even bought travel insurance.

“They’re calling it ‘fear of flying.’ Well, no, we’re not exactly scared to fly. We’re afraid of being in contact with people to catch this from,” said Kristine.

Some airports, like Los Angeles International Airport, are cleaning common areas once an hour due to coronavirus concerns.

“He has a bad heart. He’s working on two arteries. He’s been given two to five years to live,” said Kristine. “We can protect ourselves here by not going in and shopping online or, you know, staying out of crowds.”

Rather than take the loss, they’ll be going on their trip to Israel.

“Couple thousand dollars, to us that’s a lot of money,” said Kristine.

They just hope the coronavirus doesn’t keep them from coming back. Currently, at Sacramento International Airport they aren’t screening passengers but in San Diego and San Francisco, passengers are being screened.


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