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The latest on UC Davis testing student for coronavirus (Feb. 29):

6:30 p.m.

UC Davis issued a press release Saturday stating the student they tested did not have coronavirus.

Original story below:

DAVIS, Calif. (KTXL) — University of California, Davis officials released a statement Thursday reporting three students have been placed in isolation due to the new coronavirus.

Several students in Kearney Hall at UC Davis were shocked to find out that students who live in their dorm are currently being monitored or tested for coronavirus. The three students, however, are not being isolated at Kearney Hall.

“It is sort of nerve-wracking for me,” said dorm resident Nadya Varick.

Kearney Hall can house around 200 students, with two to three students living in each room.

Officials at UC Davis confirmed the Center for Disease and Control Prevention is testing a student who is showing “mild symptoms.” That student is being isolated at home.

“One of my friends was like, ‘Did you hear they just quarantined like three guys from our building?’” said Kearney Hall resident Dayton Harvey. “I go, ‘That’s crazy, there’s no way. It’s just a rumor, right?’ And then I got an email this morning confirming that.”

Mike Sheehan, associate vice chancellor for student housing, told FOX40 one of the students has been off campus the last couple of days.

“One student is off-site. He’s been off-site since the 25th,” Sheehan said.

Freshman Eduardo Hernandez said he is friends with the three students in isolation.

“I just found out a little earlier because my roommates didn’t know. I just found out a little earlier because I knew the people that were infected,” Hernandez said. “I live on the second floor and the area is like the first floor.”

School officials said the other two students are roommates with the student being tested. Those students are currently not showing signs of the virus and are isolated in another building on campus.

“The rest of the students are safe, not exposed to coronavirus, again, the same as the rest of the city of Davis and the rest of Yolo County,” said Yolo County Health Officer Dr. Ron Chapman.

Students at UC Davis said this latest coronavirus scare hits just a little too close to home for comfort.

“This near where I live is terrifying. But there’s not a lot that you can do other than practice basic, preventive measures for any kind of illness,” said Varick.

School officials said they are not planning to cancel classes at this time. They are working closely with local and state agencies before making that determination.

On Wednesday, the CDC reported a Solano County woman had tested positive for the virus after being moved to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento from NorthBay VacaValley Hospital in Vacaville. Public health officials do not know how she contracted the virus.

Also on Thursday it was reported that three Los Rios Community College students came in contact with a patient who tested positive for COVID-19, according to the district. Those students have been told to self-quarantine.